Welcome to Independent Saddle Fitting Services


Highly qualified, Starting out in the early 90's Judy has over time advanced her skills and knowledge culminating in becoming a qualified UK Master Saddle fitter in 2010. This is regarded as the pinnacle of saddle fitting expertise. Being an associate overseas member of the UK Society of Master Saddlers Judy is continually kept up to date with industry innovations and saddle technology. As an independent saddle fitter Judy will provide you with an unbiased, honest assessment of your saddle fitting requirements.


Independent Saddle Fitting Services provides an unbiased assessment of their customers saddles, and the riders shape with the blending of the two to provide the horse with an easy comfortable ride.


The horses health and well being is paramount and will never be jeopardised in any way.


A written report of the horses fitness, shape and the recommendations in regards to the saddle requirements is provided to the customer once the assessment has been completed.


Alterations to existing saddles that are deemed compatible with the horse's conformation are mostly done on the spot. Should the client not have a suitable saddle Judy will privide a detailed list of recommended saddle options (including websites and stockists) for the client to further investigate.


There is greater understanding that horses 'changing shape' for a variety of reasons and so the saddle which provided an acceptable fit when it was purchased may require adjustment, alteration and even in some cases exchange at a later date.


Judy has an extensive schedule and is constantly in high demand, to secure an appointment please email judy@isfs.com.au

who will then confirm date and time with you. Then simply return to website to complete booking by paying the booking fee.